About US

SystemAdminThings, launched in June 2011, is maintained, moderated and run by group of System Administrator’s and Tech expertise. Systemadminthings started its journey with primary focuses on publishing articles useful for System administrators and technology professionals whether it has to do with Windows, Linux, Exchange, SEO, Blogging tips, Tutorials, Tech News, Gadget Review, Free Desktop Applications and Tips and Tricks.


Initially Systemadminthings started helping by asking them visitors to email us with their questions and would put the popular ones on site or convert them to post to benefit others out of it. Eventually, we started receiving more questions than we could respond, so we decided to move the site into question and answer system where anyone could post their questions, and any volunteer could reply.


Systemadminthings is free online community site for System Administrators and Technology Professions with a purpose to help each other solve technical question, publish user friendly guides on any computer and technology related topics.