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Who we are?

SystemAdminThings is a blog and free online connect platform for System Administrators, IT (Information technology) and Tech professionals. Our website is visited by thousands of visitors every day.

With great passion and enthusiasm this site is maintained, moderated and run by group of System Administrator’s and Tech expertise.

We started our journey in June 2011 to provide well researched, free high quality technical content to its readers empowering them with the answers and tools that are needed to Install, configure, maintain, and enhance their knowledge and professional skills.

What we do?

Started of with primary focus on publishing articles useful for System administrators and Technology professionals, including stuffs on any technology, whether it has to do with Windows, Linux, Exchange, SEO, Blogging tips, Tutorials, Tech News, Gadget Review, Free Desktop Applications, Tips and Tricks, etc. We now allow user to ask questions on any topic and allow experts to answer the questions posted by the visitors.

 Out growth story

At the initial stage of our blogging journey we focused on posting new quality articles on different topics, but as we widen we started receiving more and more questions on tech issues on different topics, so we choose to integrate the site into question and answer system where anyone could post their questions, and any volunteer could reply.

Systemadminthings has grown as a free online community site for System Admins and knowledge hungry people with a purpose to help each other solve technical question, publish user friendly guides on any computer and technology related topics.

Some of our published work are shared as accepted solution on well known social and technical forums like technet, spicework and many others.

Join our network

We are looking forward to build a network for system administrators and technology professionals. By connecting with us you can help others, stay ahead of the limitless tech issues encountered daily and demonstrate your technology skills .

Why should you join?

By joining our network, you can contribute by writing articles, ask questions on any technology, if you are an expert you can solve questions asked.

Articles published here are indexed by various search engines and seen by numerous monthly visitors.