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How to Backup/Restore Internet Information Services using GUI or Command line for IIS 6 and IIS 7

Backup and Restore Internet Information Service

Backing up IIS is one of the important part before you are making any changes to the IIS configuration and settings. If anything goes wrong, reinstalling IIS will restore all the settings and configurations of all the websites under IIS. You need to back up all the settings and configurations and restore it after re-installation.

how to backup iis

Here is a step-by-step method to take IIS back, remember taking IIS backup is very important before modifying or doing any changes on the IIS based website and virtual directory

 IIS 6.0

The First method is by using GUI Mode

1. Open Internet Information services (IIS) Manager

2. Right Click the server name and click on All Tasks and select Backup/Restore Configuration

3. Click on Create Backup option to take backup

4. Type the backup name in the Configuration Backup Name

5. If you want to Encrypt/ Password Protect the backup file, Select the option: Encrypt backup using Password and provide password of your choice

Note: Remember the password to be used during restore.

6. Click on OK and you are done

7. While restoring the backup just select the Backup Name you want to restore and click on Restore option

8. The same way if you want to delete any existing backup, use Delete option

The second method to take IIS 6 backup is by using the command Line

1. Open a command prompt
2. Run the command as you see in the below example

Example command :

Refer Microsoft official Document:


 IIS 7

First Method Using GUI

Unfortunately, by default GUI mode is not enable, to enable it follow the instructions in the below article

Second Method Using command

To backup IIS configuration:

To restore that backup:

To delete a backup:

Command line

Once the backup command is successful, the files can be verified in the default location C:\windows\system32\intersrv\backup\Backup-Name

Refer Microsoft official Document :

Systemadminthings always recommend its reader to check the Official Document for the steps describe, you can find the links in after each steps

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