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You must read this if you are a linkedin user


Latest update from a social networking website LinkedIn’s Blog reports that around 6.5 million hashed LinkedIn passwords were hacked by a unknown Russian hacker. Social networking site is working with the law enforcement and further investigating the issue.

LinkedIn is now in process of disabling the passwords for users who could potentially be affected by a recent security Violation.

Further more, LinkedIn apologized to its users after this incident. The company has started taking security measures to implement extra layer of security by salting as well as hashing passwords, which will make the encrypted passwords more difficult to be cracked.

While LinkedIn is working hard to protect your account, make sure you do the following to be protected with the hackers attack

  • Update your LinkedIn passwords or any other website at least once every few months
  • Use different passwords for your multiple profiles and  avoid using common passwords.
  • Make more complex password  for your accounts (Includes letters, punctuation and numbers).
  • Do not click links on phishing and spam emails which requests personal or sensitive information from you.
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