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Best and free remote desktop sharing software’s

If you are someone who often need access to your home computer from your office or you provide technical support to your customers or sometimes dear ones. The remote desktop sharing software helps you solve the queries remotely and save your day from travelling and frustration.

Here I have listed some of the best and free remote desktop sharing software’s which can help you connect remote computer anywhere around the globe using Internet connection. If you use this utility regularly, then you can also bookmark this page for your reference.

Logmein Provides access and control of remotely located workstations with complete liberty. Logmein Free helps you to access any computer seamlessly and gives facility to control your peripherals like Keyboard and Mouse. Logmein is very popular, fast and secure remote control utility for your computers. Using free version of Logmein you can only access the computer and work on it, and can be upgraded to pro version with many more facilities. Logmein has a free trail option for limited period

Team Viewer Easy to work solution for desktop sharing, remote control and file transfer. Team Viewer also works with iPhone/Android app that you can use to access remotely located computers from your phone Device. it is free to user for non-commercial use. To make it work you have to install the Team Viewer software on both machines.

Real VNC It is a desktop sharing and remote control software which allows you to see and interact with the remote computers using a trouble-free application anywhere on the Internet. You can also use Real VNC to view and control a Linux machine on your Windows PC. Real VNC is of no charge and free to download. You have to use the server version software on the computer to be controlled, provide a Secure Password initially and use the viewer version software on the controlling computer.

Tight VNC An enhanced version of VNC, optimized to work on slow bandwidth networks like a low-speed modem connections. Using TightVNC you can access your workstations remotely using client application and even with a web browser (Java based). It works well with both windows and Unix systems.

Ultra VNC Also known as UVNC is an open source software for the Windows OS. You can use it to connect remotely situated computers over the Internet or internal network. It enables you to control your remote workstations using mouse and keyboard. Recommended for computer support providers to quickly connect and resolve your customer’s issues remotely.

Anyplace Control Secure and easy to use remote desktop utility which allows you to view the desktop of remote computer and manage that computer from anywhere, using your own mouse and keyboard in real-time. The remote workstations can be connected over LAN, WiFi and Internet. Comes with Host Module and Admin Module. If you want to access a PC of the person who is not a computer savvy, just forward them a web-link and desktop becomes available on a single click

CrossLoop It provides secure, fast, user-friendly interface and free of charge facility to access your home or office computers. Once you install the application and whenever you initiate the application, your workstation will be provisioned with a 12-digit access code, you can then forward that access code to other user who is sharing his/her desktop.

SkyFex A free web based remote desktop assistance, you can access remote workstations directly using a web browsers and it requires no extra software installation and configuration. Some of the features are; SkyFex can be integrated to your website, Supports dual monitors, give presentations, Allows Remote reboot, file transfer, Integrated text chat and many more.

DesktopNow Provides access to your workstations and laptops using Internet connection by sharing special folders you can download or upload files to. Using DesktopNow, you will experience fast and easy access to all your essential files from anywhere. It uses a secure SSL connection and require no additional router configuration

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