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Lab Tricks-How to save disk space on Lab Machine

Lab Tricks-How to save disk space on Lab Machine – HyperV

To create a lot of labs in Lab machine in HyperV, generally we run out of disk space and it is quite annoying. Here is a quick solution, by which you can save a lot of disk space and time Instead of creating normal dynamic disk for the machine, we can try differential disk, whose foot print is very less in size

Normal Windows 2008 R2 VHD with Exchange 2010 will consume 13+ GB, but this differential disk will consume around 5 G.

We will call the parent disk as parent.vhd and the child clone disk as child.vhd


Following are the steps:

1. First you have to install the Windows 2008 operating system on a normal Virtual machine (we will call it as Base Machine ). We will name the VHD as parent.vhd

2. Then install all the Hot fixes and even you can run the pre-requisite commands for exchange on it (Do not install any applications )

3. Then run the SYSPREP on this machine so that the cloned machines from this parent will have new SID
(You need to check Generalize)

4. Then finally the base machine will shut down (Keep this VHD safe)

5. Then create differential VHD for cloned machines. That is create a differential disk related to the parent disk (Create new Disk and follow the wizard)

6. Select the location for the Cloned disk

7. Select the VHD of the base machine

8. This will create a differential Disk for the cloned machine

9. Now create a new Cloned Child machine by selecting new Virtual Machine

10. For the disk, select existing Virtual disk and select the differential disk (child.vhd) that you created

11. Complete the Wizard and start the Cloned child machine

12. While booting the cloned machine, you will see the following process

13. Then provide a password for local administrator and your cloned child machine is ready

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