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Change Login Screen In Windows 7

Today i will show you how to change the login screen in windows 7, now when i mean changing login screen i mean only the background not the buttons and everything just the background

Below are some screen shot which makes it more easier to understand for some one who is new to technical stuffs

1. All you need to do is open up RUN [Windows key+R] and type REGEDIT

2. After that you get this window

3. Now locate the below key

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Authentication\LogonUI\BackgroundImage and set the value for  ‘OEMBackground’ to 1

This will enable the custom wallpaper for login screen

5. Now you need a picture, remember the picture size should be 256 KB or below

6. You can check the picture size by right clicking it and go to properties

In my case i am using a picture of 49 KB

7. Once you are done with that go to the following location of you hard disk


8. Create a new folder and name it “info” (without quotes)

9. Double click the folder and inside that create another folder and name it as “backgrounds” (without quotes),

10. Paste the picture you want to use for login screen background in it

11. Now rename that picture to “backgrounddefault”

12. Once you are done, to test just go to switch user

It will immediately change the Background, it will keep the trademark windows 7 ultimate or whatever you are using and the loging button, it just changes the background

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial

Please do comment if you like the tutorial

Note : Take registry backup before you do any registry changes

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