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How to Install Desktop RAM

1. Look at the center of the slots and you will see a notch. On the ends of each slot you will see a small latch. Pull them down if they are not already.



2. look at the memory and notice the hole in the connector.


Note : There are different types of RAM available depending on which type of motherboard you have. To check what type of RAM you need just open the computer case and see what type of slot you have or you can check with the motherboard seller. Identify what type of RAM you will need and purchase the exact one.

3. Place the ends of the RAM into the ends of the slot. Make sure the hole is over the notch. Push down on the ends of the memory until the latches on the slot attach themselves to the sides of the memory. You will hear a click when this happens.




4. When handling memory, try not to touch the contacts on the bottom.

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